Garmin Vector 2 Pedal Set

Looking to gauge your cycling power and training intensity on any given day? Look no further than the Garmin Vector 2 to track your performance with ease and precision. This dual sensing power meter is both innovative and effective: changing both how cyclists get power and how it is measured. The Vector 2 measures the force applied and gauges the deflection of the pedal spindle to calculate your power with each pedal. Ride with power. Ride with knowledge. Ride with Garmin Vector 2.


  • Measures the metrics that matter including cadence, power, left/right balance and cycling dynamics
  • Cycling dynamics have imporved from the original vector. View power metrics such as power phase, platform center offset and seated/standing position on compatible devices
  • Easy installation! Simply stall the pedal and add the pod, no washers necessary and easily transfers from bike to bike
  • New status LED to display important setup and maintenance information
  • Easy to upgrade your old Vector to the new Vector 2 without buying a whole new power meter
  • Compatible with most crank types, including carbon. Compatible with crank arms up to 44mm wide
  • Comes in two sizes: Standard: 12-15 mm and Large 15-18 mm
  • Using Garmin Connect you can analyze your post ride stats with ease, including cycling dynamics, to get the most from your ride

What's in the Box:

  • Vector 2 pedal and pedal pods(2)
  • Cleats and hardware
  • USB ANT Stick
  • Crowfoot installation tools
  • Manuals

Product Manual

Garmin Vector 2-2S Pedal Set Manual
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Garmin Vector 2 Pedal Set

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